Horten CC is a corporate law firm specializing in the representation of entrepreneurial growth companies of all sizes from inception through exit, along with the investors that finance them. But we are different; Horten CC employs a non-traditional practice model aimed at the needs entrepreneurial growth companies.

  • We provide high quality and highly specialized services. Our founder, Michael Horten, has worked exclusively with the entrepreneurial community since he launched Horten CC in the beginning of 2000 after spending almost 30 years with two prominent national law firms, Sullivan & Cromwell in New York and Paris and King & Spalding in Atlanta.
  • We provide services at a reasonable price. Clients pay only for a highly experienced legal advisor, not unnecessary overhead typically associated with traditional law firms, such as lavish office space, junior associate training, and other expenses that offer little direct value to clients. We are a virtual firm with low overhead and we use the latest technologies to create efficiencies, enabling us to deliver services at a significantly lower price point.
  • Our services are provided on a fixed-fee basis. We believe the existing hourly law firm model is outdated and misaligns the interests of lawyers and their clients. Law firms should be rewarded for helping clients efficiently solve problems and discouraged from spending more time than necessary to achieve the same result. Our clients purchase our skill and not our time. We provide our services for a fixed fee and maintain price lists for the typical services needed by entrepreneurial growth companies.
  • We don’t delegate the work to junior lawyers with limited deal experience. We have no associates; only our founder, Michael Horten.