We have created a new law firm model that provides our clients with hands-on, big-firm corporate legal services at fixed fees that make business sense.  We believe law firms don’t need to be in the marble and mahogany clad environment typically associated with a superior legal firm. We took a different turn, gave things a twist, and found success with a new law firm model. How we are different:

  • We are focused. We are singularly focused on providing corporate legal services to entrepreneurial growth companies (whether start-up, emerging-growth or middle-market) and the investors that finance them. We are not litigators or real estate attorneys; we specialize in corporate, commercial, technology and financial transactions. 
  • We have shed most overhead costs. We understand that clients are tired of paying for needless overhead and overstaffed transactions. Prior to launching the firm, we wind-tested the traditional corporate law firm model and removed everything that created drag. We are a virtual firm with no central office, no secretaries or messengers, no library, no attorney dining room, and no paper files and we are passing the savings on to our clients.
  • We have big-firm experience. Michael Horten is a former corporate lawyer with top national firms, with outstanding academic credentials and many years of handling sophisticated corporate, corporate finance, technology and commercial transactions.
  • We work for fixed fees. Unlike scores of lawyers, we don’t maintain time sheets tracking time in 6-minute increments. Instead, we provide our services on a fixed-fee basis except in those few instances where we can’t scope out the work. Clients deserve flat-out expertise, skill and service without worrying that we’re just clocking minutes.
  • We don’t delegate the work to junior lawyers with limited deal experience. Work is never pushed down to junior associates getting on-the-job training. We have no associates; only our founder, Michael Horten.
  • We leverage technology to generate efficiency. The use of document assembly products and other software tools enables us to generate documents quickly and at fees that are considerably lower than those charged by firms of comparable ability.