Horten CC is a corporate law firm specializing in the representation of entrepreneurial growth companies of all sizes from inception through exit, along with the investors that finance them. But we are different; Horten CC employs a non-traditional practice model aimed at the needs entrepreneurial growth companies.

  • We provide high quality and highly specialized services. Our founder, Michael Horten, has worked exclusively with the entrepreneurial community since he launched Horten CC in the beginning of 2000 after spending almost 30 years with two prominent national law firms, Sullivan & Cromwell in New York and Paris and King & Spalding in Atlanta.
  • We provide services at a reasonable price. Clients pay only for a highly experienced legal advisor, not unnecessary overhead typically associated with traditional law firms, such as lavish office space, junior associate training, and other expenses that offer little direct value to clients. We are a virtual firm with low overhead and we use the latest technologies to create efficiencies, enabling us to deliver services at a significantly lower price point.
  • Our services are provided on a fixed-fee basis. We believe the existing hourly law firm model is outdated and misaligns the interests of lawyers and their clients. Law firms should be rewarded for helping clients efficiently solve problems and discouraged from spending more time than necessary to achieve the same result. Our clients purchase our skill and not our time. We provide our services for a fixed fee and maintain price lists for the typical services needed by entrepreneurial growth companies.
  • We don’t delegate the work to junior lawyers with limited deal experience. We have no associates; only our founder, Michael Horten.




Practice Areas

  • General Corporate
  • Commercial and technology transactions
  • Employment and executive compensation
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Venture financing
  • Private equity and investment funds

Professional Books

  • Joint Ventures in den USA: Wirtschaftliche, Rechtliche and Steuerliche Aspekte (1996, Verlag C.H. Beck, Munich) (co-author with Karl-Erbo Graf von Kageneck)
  • Les Joint Ventures Franco-Americaines (1994, Larcier, Brussels, and Forum Europeen de la Communication, Paris) (co-author with Philippe Sarrailhe)
  • Japanese-US Joint Ventures (1992, Shogakusha, Tokyo)

Professional Speaking Engagements

  • Michael is a frequent speaker to accelerators and angel investors, including National Science Foundation, Angel Capital Association, CEO Space, Advanced Technology Development Center, NeuroLaunch, Atlanta Technology Angels and Atlanta Tech Village

Professional Affiliations

  • Michael has been an active angel investor for over 20 years and is a member of the Angel Capital Association and several angel groups (including a board member of the Atlanta Technology Angels)

Prior Affiliations

  • Sullivan &Cromwell (New York and Paris)
  • King & Spalding (Atlanta)

Legal Education

  • University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law
  • Columbia Law School
  • University of Paris 1: Panthéon-Sorbonn

Our Values

Our Values


We are different. Not only because of the quality of our practice and our unique fee model, but also because of our commitment to certain core values. These core values, part of the everyday vocabulary at HortenCC, are how we define ourselves and how we approach the practice of law.

  • We deliver the quality of the big firms without their overhead. We have big firm experience, but not big firm bureaucracy and lavish spending habits. We are quick, agile and energized.

  • We are highly automated. We make full use of the latest technology so that our clients receive the advantage of our experience at the lowest possible cost.

  • We have shed most overhead costs. We are a virtual firm with no central office, no secretaries or messengers, no library, no attorney dining room, and no paper files.

  • We strive to provide “zero gravity” legal counseling.

  • We are effective from anywhere. Our web-based legal practice allows us to deliver services from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world. Not being dependent on any support staff, we are equally effective from any location.

  • We bill on the basis of value delivered. We bill our clients for the value delivered, not on the basis of the time spent by the attorney. Most of our work is performed at a fixed feeeither a task-based fee or a monthly retainer. Clients care about the value they receive from their attorneys, not about the time it took the attorney to complete the assignment. We believe that time billing puts the financial incentives for lawyers in the wrong place.

  • We are flexible in our billing. Because of our low overhead, we are not as dependent on a steady cash flow as are traditional law firms and we therefore have a great deal of flexibility in structuring our fee arrangements. For example, we often take some of our fees in the form of an equity interest in our clients.

  • We do not compromise on quality. Working with our clients, we strive to deliver the highest quality work product and superior service on every matter entrusted to us.

  • We write agreements in plain English. Our agreements are complete and understandable. We use plain English and not the legal jargon employed by most lawyers.

  • We care about our clients. We care about our clients and their business. We learn all we can about their company, their industry and deadlines.and their environment.We are responsive. We adhere strictly to agreed-upon deadlines, we return our client’s phone calls and messages promptly, and we keep them posted on projects and deadlines.

  • We partner with our clients. We have limited capacity and we choose our clients carefully. Once we accept a client, we will use all our efforts, contacts and experience to make its business a success. We look for ways to return the favor of a client’s business.